BJD-Care Just A Simple Reminders

BJD-Care Just A Simple Reminders

tips on how to bjd care


Being an owner of a doll, show and extend your love by knowing on how to take care of it!
DUST – As much as possible please avoid putting your dolls in a dusty place, because though dust is only a small particle and sometimes difficult to vision out, but once it accumulates it will ruin the neatness and beauty of your doll.

bjd under the sunlight

SUNLIGHT – please avoid your dolls to have direct contacts with sunlight for it will create damage and discoloration to your dolls.

KIDS – Avoid your dolls not to be reached out by children easily, for dolls are not just for children to play but it is also for adult and for other important purpose. If possible put it in a high place or safe coven.

Protectors Itself – Accessories such as silicon cup, shoes, outfits and etc. are one of the important components related with dolls in order to make them more attractive to look at. Therefore please don’t let them unpack…always cover it with plastic to avoid dust…..

Unfit Wore – Also always be aware about the type of the clothes your doll must wear, the sizes, it must be fit with the size of your dolls, as well as the color of the clothes, because some color can stain the skin of your BJD dolls.

protect your doll

Doll Stand – Use Doll Stand and please check the quality of your Doll stand and make sure that it can carry your doll well.

 Best Bag – Each doll has a particular carriage bag which could be fitted to their sizes. therefore please use the right carriage bag for your dolls if you want them to bring somewhere else. You can purchase it to the different Makers and some are made base on the particular design of your doll.

ask me about bjd doll

Ask Help – If problem occurs such as discoloration, body parts dislocate, or the skin and body will get stain please don’t hesitate to ask some friends especially those who are active in any bjd groups and forums such as Den of Angels. Surely they can help you……




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