Japan’s leading ball-jointed dolls store, Dolk Station, was founded on September, 2005 in Higashi-Osaka Japan. The name DOLK was derived from the words doll and Korea. Hence, it opened another office in South Korea on January, 2006. Dolk became popular as it pioneered the Asian ball jointed dolls specially the Korea dolls to Japan market
Dolk Station is owned by Vodaless Inc. with the capital of ¥5,000,000 and around 45 employees including overseas. It headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Today, Dolk has already offices in South Korea, China, and Cebu, Philippines who handle the English website.
As the market grow, Dolk opened additional stores in Tokyo, and Nagoya. It also opened its online store in Japan on 2007, and eventually opened to the English market on December, 2013.


Dolk Station is popular for many collaboration projects from different Makers or Artists. An example is Dolk released the youthful age of New Evan (70cm) a popular SD doll of RS DOLL as M. New Evan (40cm). Dolk also released the limited version of Coco in Love – Cherry Blossom in a half closed eye and as a full-set, the popular doll from DAYDREAM. Dolk has many Makers and Artists as its partners, such as Aileen Doll, Lina Chouchou, Doll Clans, Crobi Dolls and many more.

Beautiful BJD DOLL   Beautiful BJD DOLL    Beautiful BJD DOLL

Currently, Dolk is also popular for creating projects with I.O.S. (Immortality of Soul) of Cast Doll from Anime and Manga characters. Last April, 2015, the famous “Levi” of Attack on Titan with the theme Sentinel Levi Civvies Version was released. The latest Cast Doll released were Ciel Phantomhive (50cm) and his courteous and impeccable servant Sebastian Michaelis (70cm).

bjd doll from manga          bjd doll from manga bjd doll from manga

Dolk Station’sEnglish website is also a famous online store because of the 80 joints, SFBT-3 or the Special Full-action Body Type doll. Dolk is exclusively selling this articulation doll outside Japan. Some people or artists themselves, review it as the most articulate doll in the current market.

sfbt-3 with 80 joints doll sfbt-3 with 80 joints doll    sfbt-3 with 80 joints doll

As part of our mission to reduce the language and culture barriers worldwide, Dolk Station continues supporting Doll Events and Conventions worldwide through sponsorship and participating as vendors or exhibitors.

Indeed, Dolk Station is committed to continue serve our clients and innovate and create best products in a large scale.

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